Black Powder Medieval

Using an idea taken from the Warlord Forums, we played a Medieval game with Black Powder rules by Warlord Games and 15mm DBA stands. The OB was kept simple: only 3 unit types and only 7 units and 1 commander on a side.

The scenario had a column of the Teutonic Order (T.O.) attempting to reach a castle while initially scattered Polish-Lithuanian Union (P.L.U.) troops try to stop them. The single commanders intentionally made command difficult.

Thanks to Dalauppror for the idea and the unit stats. The Determined Charge rule for knights seemed perfect for the period.

The approach to battle saw both sides trying to avoid being the first to lose control of the knights. The T.O. spear moved just enough ahead of the line to force a P.L.U. Noble to charge. The remaining P.L.U. Nobles charged T.O. crossbow or moved up in support. Against all odds, the T.O. foot held their ground. Charges by the T.O. Brother Knights (mostly forced by the Determined Charge rule) eventually saw two P.L.U. Nobles flanked and destroyed. The P.L.U. foot put up a brave front, but very bad break test rolls (for a charged unit and 2 of 3 supports) saw them routed.


One Response to “Black Powder Medieval”

  1. Dalauppror Says:

    Glad to get the chans to inspire some one:)

    Nice AAR, looked like a fun game. I think BP worked realy good for the medieval seting.

    Best regards Dalauppror

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