Black Powder ACW AAR 6-12-2011

Another game using TFP (Total Fighting Power) Games counters for American Civil War (the original game was called ‘Iron and Fire‘) with Black Powder rules by Warlord Games.

This battle pitted three Union infantry brigades, a cavalry brigade and divisional artillery (all with average stats) against two Confederate infantry brigades and a cavalry brigade with higher CVs and better infantry (elite for both brigades and stamina 4 for the Stonewall brigade).

The terrain included fields (rough ground) surrounded with fences (linear obstacles, light cover). Two fields had standing corn blocking LOS.

In spite of the high Command Values (CVs), the Confederate force was unable to enter the table for several turns. By that point the Union cavalry had occupied the central cornfield and the infantry was moving up. The late arriving Confederates were hemmed in by the fields and the Union advance.

Confederate cavalry dismounts and moves into the corn to drive back the Union cavalry. The higher CVs allow a flanking attack which eventually destroys a Union regiment.

The Confederate cavalry had taken hits and retires to rally. Progress of the Union infantry is slow and the Union artillery has no good place to deploy.

In spite of the slow-going in the fields, the Union left flank infantry brigade attacks and is broken by the Stonewall brigade. The Union cavalry brigade is broken by a daring (desperate, actually) attack by the Confederate cavalry. The right flank is not in time to intervene since half the Union force is broken.

Given the situation at the end, we called this a draw. The Confederates would be forced to retire to protect their supply line from the remaining fresh Union brigade.


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