Black Powder ACW AAR Afterthoughts

A few thoughts on the previous AAR entry.

The original choice to enter the Confederate forces in a area boxed in by bad terrain was made in the first command turn of the game, and was based on using the higher CVs to occupy the fields in the center. The failure of command rolls provided an opportunity to modify this decision, but the ‘gentlemanly’ thing seemed to be to continue with the original orders until they were fulfilled.

The Union cavalry advance into the cornfield seemed a counterintuitive use of cavalry (based on our WSS games), but it made the Confederate position more difficult. The ability to dismount and act as infantry (used by the cavalry of both sides for most of this battle) meant that the cornfield was not a bad place for them.

The main difficulty for the Union was getting both wings into action at the same time. The left could have stopped to wait for the right, but the low CVs made that idea risky.



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