Black Powder ACW Rematch 6-19-2011

This was a replay of last weekend’s American Civil War game with Black Powder rules by Warlord Games.

The forces were the same but the terrain was modified to remove the standing cornfields and center the action on the road. The only photos are near the end of the battle. The Confederate forces were able to enter early in parallel columns. The Union forces had good command rolls throughout the game, but entered exclusively on the road, delaying the rear brigades due to the length of the columns.

Confederate guns deployed with a good field of fire down the road, but were unable to prevent the Union cavalry from charging and destroying a battery. A supporting infantry unit was destroyed by the subsequent break test. The Union cavalry was then well placed to roll up the Confederate defense, but the brigade was shaken.

The Confederates were able to plug the hole left by the destroyed units and shoot just well enough to break the most advanced Union infantry brigade, and with it the army.


2 Responses to “Black Powder ACW Rematch 6-19-2011”

  1. Last Hussar Says:

    Do you allow the ‘mixed’ (ie skirmishers detached) formation in ACW?

    • ncc1717 Says:

      We didn’t in this game. The ACW version of TFP does have skirmish rules, but I have never played that version. The 1866 TFP rules based the unit counter sizes on battalions deployed with skirmishers where appropriate.

      I like to assume that deploying skirmishers is a battalion commander’s problem, and not something a corps commander (the player, in this case) needs to be concerned with. This also lets me play larger battles in a short time. I need to keep my games short since leaning over the table causes back pain.

      My BP opponent is planning to do a 1880s-1890s Sudan BP game in 15mm, and he will be using detached skirmishers.

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