Hail Agrippa Rules Trial – 1/1200 Ancient Naval

“Hail, Agrippa!” is an article in Issue 66 of the “Wargames Soldiers & Strategy” magazine with rules for using the “Hail Caesar” rules for ancient naval battles. A solo trial game using these rules with 1/1200 miniatures is described in the photos below. The article suggests a standard base size of 12 cm wide by 4 cm deep. The ships in this game are mounted on 4 cm square bases (4 cm wide by 5 cm deep for larger ships). Four ships were used for each unit, giving a base 16 cm wide by 4 or 5 cm deep.

The rules generally worked well, but some adjustment of distances should be considered to deal with these issues:

  1. The 12 inch proximity distance seems long considering the movement rates are reduced from 6-12 inches in Hail Caesar to 2.5-4 inches in Hail Agrippa.
  2. With the suggested based depth of 4 cm, the movement of a unit through another friendly unit requires a move of at least 8 cm. This is more than one move for ships larger than trieres.

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4 Responses to “Hail Agrippa Rules Trial – 1/1200 Ancient Naval”

  1. Mark Backhouse Says:

    I’m pleased you found them to work. I think halving the 12″ proximity rule is a good idea! Let me know how you get on and if you have any other ideas. I’m running a participation game of it at the Naval Wargames Show in Gosport in a few weeks running a slightly reduced version of the Actium scenario in the article.


    Mark Backhouse

  2. Thorsten Brabetz Says:

    Hi Mark,

    The game on the Naval Wargames Show in Gosport was absolutely brilliant, thank you very much. Did you put the pictures on Facebook? I have been googling, but drew a blank, not sure if your account is public.

    Anyway, thanks for a great day!

    All the best,


  3. ncc1717 Says:


    I sent a link to your comment to Mark.


  4. Dean Says:

    I just ordered an read the PDF version of the WS&S issue with this article. I use 1/1200th ships and have a Hotz hex mat 1.5″ and used your Diodochai rules with great results a few years ago. As I’m re-visiting Ancient naval gaming, and have been playing a lot of Hail Caesar, I hoped to see if Mark’s rules would be a nice set. Although it appears well received – including you, I’m sticking with Diodochai. I like the elegant ease of play for your rules. Thanks, Dean

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